2019: WorldRace America

11.11.2018 Month14:Stateside USA, Current Update:

A new route has been opened by Adventures In Missions (AIM). This is an alumni route going through the United States of America.

Ive been invited to join the team of 12 people to travel throughout the states and encourage and stir up the World Race alumni, and minister in the cities we visit in an “Ask the Lord” style.


Up till now i have really been questioning “why so much waiting God? Why so much not knowing for me?” – but at every step He kept showing me that He had me here to help specific people, volunteer with the Huffmans and their church, and with the training of four squads leaving for ministry next year. Just to be there and support them in prayer and serve them well. For me to learn that i can be quiet and still be right. That i can wait upon the Lord for my provision in so much more than i have before. That He had healing for me. And rest. That i can stop trying to fix everything, and let Him be God and me me.

So here i am. 2 and a half months after the race, living in and learning the consistent rhythm of dependance and patience, and there is a route opened for america where they are sending people out to wait and depend on God for direction and dependance. And i feel like ive gotten the jumpstart of the training i need for this next year.


I remember that morning in an airport…waiting with peoples baggage. We were i think in the Dallas airport…

Someone sitting near me asked me about us – this big group of people taking over the gate seating with our baggage and our laughter.

We had just started the first legs of our world race. We hadnt even left the country yet.

I remember them getting angry at me.

I was taken back.

They were angry because we were leaving to spread the gospel and help people in other countries.

I remember his words.

Fed up: “We need help! We need help right here! Its such a gd waste! I cant understand why youre leaving america. We need help right here!”… then shaking his head he walked off.


Last sunday morning i sat during worship and prayed hard about the invitation to join worldrace america.

I didnt know but that morning the pastor had decided to preach on “Go!”.

They didnt have any bulletins to announce this, so i had no idea what was coming as i hunched praying in my seat.

With the pastors words”Go! Go out into the highways and byways and compelthem to come in – so that my house may be filled! (luke 14:23) Its not about asking God if you should go! Its about asking Him if you should not go!”


I felt that God was directly answering my moment of questions during worship.


I will be fundraising a very little amount – $1000 for the “cost” of this next year in america. AIM’s goal for us is to go out and rely that the Lord will provide. *(matthew 10)

I dont have all the official information yet, but i will also be asking people to partner with me both in prayers and financial gifts in this journey.

Because of my stateside luxury of wifi access i will also be doing video updates, some fb live sharing, and i would love to have some phone/skype dates during the year!

If im passing through your state, i would love to grab coffee 🙂

❤ thanks so much for joining with me on my journey!

From carolynrmiller.theworldrace.org


Month 14: come to pass

Month14: Stateside USA, 11.6

Id planned to write in my journal everyday while helping with training camp.

Id planned to blog about everything.

Id planned to spend time with God alone.

Id planned on seeking more about what the “next” was that He had for me.

Id planned on connecting more with the squads and the AIM staff…(like id planned to spend more time reconnecting with B and C squads at PSL …id loved them so much at my training camp and looked so forward to seeing them again…).

Id planned on…

Id planned on…

And then it was over.

From carolynrmiller.theworldrace.org

But i want to share one thing that happened that only 3 people know. But i believe it was something God told me to be there for.

Trust and Confidence in God.

I believe that when we walk in obedience, we get to see the faithfulness of God.

And when we experience His faithfulness, we gain trust and confidence in who He says He is.

We gain that, because we know that it is true through our experience.

I had this moment where i started wanting to share something and i felt God telling me to talk to a specific individual…

At first i shoved that away, thinking “nah! – ill just wait and see if theres an opportunity to share.”

But i kept feeling like God wanted me to talk to this individual about sharing it.

So i told God, “Ok, if you want me to talk with them then cause them to come talk with me. If not, then i will trust you and let it go.”

I went about doing my work – and they didnt even come close to approaching me. They were pretty preoccupied doing their own job. So i decided to let it all go and trust God about it.

Later i realized there was something else that i needed to do in the building and i ran up to do it not even thinking about my earlier inclination and as i opened the door, the person i felt God telling me to talk with greeted me!

So i ended up talking with them – …

They werent sure about my request, so they asked me to come back and talk with them later near the end of the night.

Around dinner time i had some extra time and decided to get my journal and spend some time with the Lord.

When i sat down to do so, the person from earlier approached me and asked if i could share more with them of what id mentioned earlier in more detail.

The thing was, they had a small window for me to share – and what they wanted to hear was in my journal, which i had (just by chance) with me since id decided to get it to spend time with the Lord!

I was able to share with them and then a whole other set of events happened because of that moment.

Afterwards i sat and reflected on this…

That God had all along been prompting me and i had chosen to put aside my “how to get this to happen” mindset, to just focus on what i was supposed to be doing and trust God.

And because id done that the Lord had used me in the way i felt He wanted to without me attempting any strategies to get it done…He had used me despite me not making any effort to make things happen at all!

Deep in my soul, i now realize that i can just come into agreement with His desires – if i want to, and then God will bring about the fulfillment of those desires.

And i dont have to attempt anything but obedience and trust.

It can seem like i am disregarding them in my focus of living in regards to all i need to and should be doing. But in reality, my letting go and trusting God – to do in His timing what He hints to me that He’d love me to partner with Him in – is thee enteryway into those plans becomming a reality.

I no longer have to worry or strive.

I just need to trust and obey – and live loving God and loving others – and all Gods promises for my life will come to pass.

From carolynrmiller.theworldrace.org

Psalm 24

Who made it?

I ponder.

The fact is, that whoever makes it owns it.


Whose image is this?

Whose inscription?

What is written here?


The deeper i dig – the more i find.

His character.



I hear nature calling.




All the attributes scream from every atom.

They tremble to hear words contrary.

Words of doubt or scorn are like atomic bombs on earth.

The rocks – when will He allow them to cry out?



With one breath you have come into being.

And by that one breath you have been sustained!

The WORD went forth – and creation burst forth –


Oh His character is there, on display: revealed

Until He hung in frail humanity – suspended,

“Let water be separated.

Water from water –

and let a firmament be established!”



“Let the water under the sky be gathered

to one place,

and let dry ground appear.”

And it was so.

“It is finished!”

And God saw that it was good.

And the curtain tore

from top to bottom.



Let the gates arise!

That the King of Glory may enter!


The whole earth trembles at the trumpet blast,

The mountains tremble and smoke pours forth,

As God steps down,

onto dust,

man falls to his knees.

Holy ground,

shoes off.


Lift up your heads!

You gates be lifted up!

You ancient doors!

Let the keys in the Kings hand comply.


The stories scream Your glory:







Who is this King of glory?



The Lord strong and mighty,

the Lord mighty in battle.

The Lord in the sunset!

The Lord in the flower!

The Lord in the small drop of dew!