My shadow…

It’s stretching out in front of me

into the dark valley I enter

and I think:

if anyone follows, the light behind me

will reveal them.

and I consider: that the greater the light behind me

the darker and longer the shadow before me seems…

so as the shadow grows before me

i have behind me

a more powerful ally than my foe.


Seeing His wardrobe

You know how whenever someone got to really glimpse Him in His glory, how they talked about the train of His robe filling the temple?

Last night I attended a special church family retreat. It was just a few hours long, but during the worship God kept showing me this piece of cloth. It was just a corner of it- deep navy blue cloth of a thick and sturdy cotton blend. And there was embroidery on it – embroidery that in my minds eye kept getting more and more detailed and intricate. And then I remembered the verse where when Jesus entered Jerusalem the people threw down their coats for him to pass over them.

…at the beginning of His ministry satan had tempted him to bow down and worship him and so gain all the kingdoms of the earth- to jump and trust that God would not let His sons foot touch the ground… Now at the last of Jesus’ ministry the kingdoms were about to be His…and the crowds were gathered, they threw down their garments so that not even his donkeys foot would touch the ground… But…why?

During the worship all I knew was that Jesus was telling me that He was making me beautiful so that when He came I’d have something beautiful to offer Him.

So what am I saying???

my friend posted this picture (featured above) of this slection of cloth designs/choices, and instantly my heart began to simmer a bit because I love cloth; I love textiles and textures. So I logged in and just started to write.

I had this idea that I wanted to shared about seeing the robes of God, the mantles of God that He robes His people in to do His work, to give them authority.

Remember the robe of Elijah? 2Kings2:9-14

The robing of Mordecci to honor and the ring to power? Esther 6,8

The parable of the two sons? Luke 15;22-24 -Where the prodigal son is marked again as part of the family and given authority once more?

The mantles they talk about in the New Testament – (a kind of anointing from God thru leaders to others for the work Gods prepared us for)? 1 Thessalonians 1:4-5, Luke 10:19, Acts 13:2-3, Acts 1:24, Ephesians 4:12-12

Is the train of God -that fills the temple- all the marks of authority thrown down once more at His feet when we’ve accomplished the will He’s empowered us to accomplish???

So if you don’t know, I’ve applied for and been accepted into ministry with Adventures in Missions this next year. The specific ministry I will be doing with them is a missions trip that visits 11 countries and partners with the native pastors and believers to minister in their districts and regions to be the hands and feet of Jesus among the lost and broken. It’s also to spend time encouraging and edifying those leaders and ministry partners around the world and in doing so to be mutually edified and built up as brothers and sisters of Gods family.

I am eager to see all that God has and is and will empower His people to reach with unending love His orphaned, suffering, and even stubborn people.

I’m so excited to be able to walk into the closet of God and see all the mantles of authority, blessing, healing, joy, faithfulness, longsuffering, kindness, mercy, grace, etc. that He’s clothed and is clothing His people around the world with -to heal and deliver and bring life to people all around the world!

To feel the textures and see the beauty of all He is weaving and has woven!

i cannot wait!!!!

WorldRace here I come!!

And I promise to bring back pictures and keep writing and telling all that I see and get to encounter!


Please join me!

Would you like to sow into what I’m joining God in this next year?

Please join me!

Please join me in prayer:

-for health for me and my team

-for unity and harmony in my team

-for open eyes, ears (to see and hear what God is doing and how to join Him), and wisdom with words!

Please join me financially!

Q: Is my position a fundraising position?

A: Why yes it is!

– I need a financial team!

Q: How much do you need to raise for your ministry?

A: Thanks for asking!

– my entire years financial cost is about $18,500

– since this is a traveling ministry the costs have to mostly be upfront to cover early visa and flight ticket acquisitions!

– by my training in August I need 5000

– by my launch in October I need 10,000

– by January 2018 I need total funding!

Q: What are you doing to raise support?

A: Right now I’m working and also supporting missionaries in the field

I will be finishing my current job at the end of May and plan to return to the states and find work for two months before I leave for training.

I also will be painting some landscapes and selling originals and reproductions.

I will probably be making some jewelry and some small stuffed animals – keychain animals and stuff 🙂

I’m working on and hoping to finish a book and get it published! (Wouldn’t that be amazing?!?)

Also I will be praying for a financial team to sow into what God is doing.

First and foremost! –> Please come alongside me and pray for Gods provision for my trip!

I fully believe that without prayer everything else lacks power! So please pray! Please realize that I need prayer the most!!!

Thanks!!! I appreciate your time and your prayers so much!

*[featured photo: by Abigail Bowers]

this is where I’m at now:

there was so much anticipation.

and there was so much hesitation.

What am I talking about?

Back, soon after I graduated from the university into the “what am I going to do now” while working whatever odd jobs I was able to get, a dear girl I met when babysitting for her parents bible study – went on the World Race.

She was anything but ordinary in her approach: she got professional photos done (from a friend I think – but they were amazing) -She did art, made jewelry, washed cars, cleaned houses, painted peoples houses, babysat – etc. until the money came in enough and she launched! -and the the flood of posts and pictures started showing up. One of which i’ll never forget.

She was sitting in a bathtub and her hair was all shaved off, laying all around her in the little pale tub, and she was grinning up at the camera; claiming beauty was more than flesh and appearance.

At that moment I was hooked. It was on my bucket list to go on this world race thingy.

Then in the fall of 2015 I found out that there was a participation age limit. And that I had just over two years until I could no longer go.

There’s so much more to share! -about how 2016 looked, about how I struggled and about how God was faithful to bring me to this moment, but for now I’ll make my first plea:

I did it guys! I went through the very long and thorough interview and application process and on Valentine’s Day at 11:49pm I was accepted to join a ministry for a year starting in August (training)/October (launch)!!!!

Adventures in Missions is an interdenominational missions organization that focuses on discipleship.

Since they started in 1989, they’ve sent out over 100,000 people into the mission field, to work alongside preexisting ministries inside the countries they regularly spend time in, visit, and work alongside the local people of -to encourage and build up the people there while using the exposure and daily life working alongside the natives as a living and active discipleship tool for their staff.
They believe that by giving people the opportunity to go out and be with real people in real life: holding orphans, bringing hope to the hopeless, and praying for the sick and seeing the power and faithfulness of God in the most unlikely places and situations, alongside others that lives are transformed.
They seek to disciple as Jesus did; with the vision that God would use their ministry to raise up a generation of radically committed disciples of Jesus Christ!
PLEASE: pray for me as I prepare to go:
1. that my faith would be built up in order that I might be the hands and feet of Christ to others,
2. That whatever I experience (as I prepare to go this fall and am in ministry with this organization for the next year) that it would empower me to encourage and build up those who will go thru the same doubts or fears or circumstances I will encounter
3. That hearts would be open to financially support the work God desires to do
4. That I would be bold as a lion!
PLEASE PRAY FOR ME and also the people I will be laboring alongside! Pray that we would cast off everything that hinders, fight the good fight, be open and teachable and vulnerable, and of one heart and mind!
If you’re interested or feel a calling or have finances Gods calling you to sow into ministry please feel free to send money to Adventures in Missions!
If you specifically would like to help raise support for me (as my position is a raising support based position at this non-profit based ministry) you can visit my blog and follow the donate link to support me.

Basically you’ll be sending/donating money to AIM/Adventures in Missions with my name as a tagline – for all tax purposes. Also since its a non profit the money has to be given as a whole and money allocated to staff through the organization!!!
Thanks for your prayers and reading my update on what – and with who -I’ll be doing life with this fall and 2018!!!
More updates to come :))

PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE: Adventures In Missions is a tax-exempt organization under IRS code 501(c)(3) and is a member of the ECFA. (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability). Due to IRS and ECFA regulations governing the administration of tax deductible donations given in support of a particular trip/program, support contributions given on behalf of an individual will be used to offset the costs of the trip/program you are involved in. All contributions are non-refundable regardless of the participant’s success in completing the program.