saturation saturday

Its not a diary entry.

Its my life. Everyday, everyminute, everyfreaken free moment.

I’ve gotta tell you something that you probably already know.

I love myself.

I will give myself the most unbelievable benefit of the doubt without even a conscious or unconscious thought. I mentally have the mind of alcatraz island. Alone and very full of twisted ideas and personalities.

So…..theres more. Ill just type it later cause im exhausted.

It was a really, really, long day.



Arid places of sharp acidic prayers

Deeper than papercut conversations

with God.

Questions that you answer

Only disqualified with the next thought

Uttered into the yellow tinted light

Of the empty room

Amid hopes of future hindsights

Brightened by sacrifices made

On a saturday morning not yet dawned

Still dark like molasses between your teeth

Sucking at thoughts while your mind goes numb

Your limbs restless in the sheets.

fabulous friendship(s), faith & friday.

So i guess at the end of the week we should take time to reflect on what Gods done (in our faith thru our friends/family).


“Don’t limit God by thinking that things have to be a certain way because that’s what others have experienced.”

– Andrew Wommack
2014-12-19-19-57-12 2014-12-19-19-57-40
All week that’s how its been.
One person after another sitting down and speaking to me in words only the Lord knows i wanted / desperately desired to hear.
Thanks Lord. For being so faithful to me!