How to be a mushroom:

I was going to say Fun-Gi (like “fun guy”) but it’s such a cliché, right? Anyway, I probably fall into using cliches in my writing, but I like to believe I don’t. Haahaa!


This is typical me, writing again after a spell of extreme business or writers block or lethargy/semi depression.

What was my reason this time? Extreme exhaustion from being so busy which lead to the inability of time and inspiration to write. Sorry if you’ve been dying to hear what I’ve been struggling with. But good news! Here I am about to tell you how to be a mushroom!

So, correct me if I’m wrong – because I actually don’t know a lot about mushrooms – (except that they grow on poop) – but it occurred to me that mushrooms grow in very specific environments: usually in the dark, where its cold, on dead or dying things.


Another fun fact, apparently mushrooms live by decomposing and absorbing the organic material in which they grow….

they also don’t have within themselves the means to grow like seeds do – because they are from spores, not seeds. So they need a kind of host to attach to in order to develope growth and sustain life.

So I was thinking, about how my life lately has been nothing but one challenge after another, stripping away all that I held confidence in and thrusting me back upon the Lord for my strength. And it’s been nothing but apparent to me that the Lord is preparing me hard core for the next thing He has for me.

Every personal relationship conflict, every injustice or unfair situation I’ve had to consider and then confront, the long-unreasonable-demanding and even exhausting work tasks and hours, every place I found I was weak where I thought I was strong, I can feel Gods intentionality.

So here’s how to be a mushroom:

1. Face whatever poops been dropped in your life

2. Don’t run but latch on and begin to decompose in that situation by placing all that you’re struggling with before the Lord

– in that place be still and know that He is God

– wait upon Him when even you have nothing to say but “teach me how to pray here Lord! I have nothing!”

– as you die to yourself and carry your cross, as you endure relying on the Lord – “Lord I can’t do this so sustain me”, – as you end each day and find He’s brought you through another day yet again, you will decompose

3. As you decompose absorb whatever the Lord gives you/shows you in each situation. Keep being faithful! Let nothing move you but the Lords prompting.

– pray and then seek confirmation for what you hear/feel from the Lord

4. You will realize that you are growing, that you’re making it through because the Lord is sustaining you!

– you will bump into people going through similar situations and you will realize you have spores of wisdom that Gods given you to drop into their life. Drop your spores – tell them what Gods been doing in your life, how Hes sustaining you despite all your  circumstances, pray for them – and then allow God to do the rest. Allow God to use the poop in their life to bring growth.


Allow God to be the substance on which they must rely to grow.

Because He will.

He is relyable. He is faithful. And we can rely that as we decompose in Him we will renew our strength. We will fly on wings like eagles, we will run and not grow weary, we will walk and not be faint. (Isaiah 40:31)

“For whoever tries to keep their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life will preserve it.” -Jesus, recorded in Luke 17:33

image* (Articles featured image credited to Margaret Elaine Spears)