here i am again

So here i am again. Watching the office on my free time. Feels like dejavu….

Making ppt’s, and smiling and fooling around with students.

Last night i moved into the apartment I will occupy for the next year. I cleaned for about two and a half hours…and then I unpacked a few things. And I felt sadness.

There’s things in my life that I thought I’d given up – but I realize how much it’s triggered by stress.


Another opportunity to lay it down at Christs feet and say again, “be sufficient Lord!”.

Something else that’s been hard: unpacking.

Usually when i move in i unpack the first night. But i’ve lived out of my suitcase for two years while living with my grandparents. So now i find myself extremely hessitant to unpack.

(Now 5 days after starting this blog post) i’ve just finished unpacking.

At first when i started unpacking i realized i’d packed too many things…but now that i’m all unpacked i see that i did just fine. It was just enough and not too much.


I cried last night.

Finished watching all the office seasons.

It was cathartic to cry. I didn’t add to what i felt. I just cried till the moment passed. Felt the pain and let the tears come. It felt good.

And also lonely.


I’d planned to adopt a rescue puppy when i got here. One of the ladies i knew before id left korea posted about two small dogs that unless saved would be put down. So i told her i’d take the one that wasn’t gonna be taken.

Shortly before i got here she informed me someone else got him.

It was actually a huge disappointment.

Lately i walk past the dog stores and look at them all.

I’ve found one i’m falling in love with.


This is my current life.


– i love my coworkers.

– i’m still in a dazed state of curiosity.

– i’m down to my last 50 dollars …and have a week before being paid..?

– i’ve been going to seoul (a 3.5 hour trip by metro train) for church every sunday.

– i’m thinking of buying the cutest little white dog….






2 thoughts on “here i am again

    • I’m close to where I was before! Although most of my friends have moved back to the states/other cities and also gotten married, had kids etc….mostly just work for now. I’m too tired for much else :}


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